3 Sep 2008

sleaze bag

he's a sleaze bag
waiting in the sky
god's your creepy uncle
and you'll meet him when you die

he's a sleaze bag
but his love for you is true
he can handle any shit job
he is stoic through and through

he keeps the walls clean
keeps a byzantine nest
there's a rotating scheme
of walls to clean
a priority tree of growing complexity
the grime brightens, the brown whitens
it all becomes clear at eleven pm
before it goes grime again

please try not to look
like he looks like he’s sleazy
when you pass through, server girl
jewel from the dregs
wet, shining, stained
naked beneath
drapes of haphazard luck
it’ll rub off on you, try it, are you scared?
it’s not lucky for him but it’s lucky for you

grease spillage from motherfuck buckets
shudders from charmed dishrags
a critical mass of malignant thought
you'll avoid true contact
because truth is where love is
but he’ll do the extra chores
to keep on, clean the kitchen every night
just to see you smile again, he can pretend
it's all for him

in the constellations
you'll learn to love molestation

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hiccup said...

very cool lyrics. and the one below too.

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