25 Oct 2008

communion wafer

i'm still waiting, still waiting - are you waiting for me? is it still on me? am i gonna have to write you a stupid love song? am i gonna have to go through those painful calisthenics? a laborious love song, a labor of love, pure loving love, stupid love? well produced and ill conceived? well?

well i've got a shelf full of love songs now, i should be proud, but i hide them from company cause those stupid tunes embarrass me - but those hate songs, they endure - cause all you need is anger - my company loves misery, we're incorporated and unlimited, except in love, we accept some limits there, there's such a thing as going too far, we'll let you know where you stand

well i'm still waiting sweetie
still waiting for you

i'm getting impatient but you're still quite young and you still turn me on - just to reiterate and knot stimulate - of course i know you won't read this anyway, that's why i can say what i want to say - SWIM wrote a poem on a piece of paper, i found it on the road, took it home and plagiarized his words

see, if i could say this to your face then you would fall for me - so i tell myself to savor fantasy, a careful theory, full of cares, like an emoting bloodclot cutting himself on his glottal stop - reality won't work for me and i won't work for it - i won't be hurt again

although i'm getting numb lately so whyknot? anesthesia is topical, it's in the news, i'm in the noose, and why'm i writing yearny poetry anyway? i've not been for want of katie, she's back in town, crystal gown sparkling and she gives herself to me, my k tea, wah wah wah, n2o in a needle, funny aye?

for want of a woman the mind was lost, until the drugs made me sane again, but still i say, my kingdom for a horse, a white horse, i'm not riding into the sunset yet, not riding over a cliff either, i just like substance, i'm not that fussy, cause substance beats absence, that makes good sense to me and it would to you too if you were me, my little pony

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