7 Nov 2008

forever blowing bubbles

Creek Street Hooligans - Cap That. It keeps burbling up. I can float for a while, and I will. But I'll do it right. Until I don't.

Washerboard style when the random tears it from the floorboards.
The floorboards, you don't want to overlook the floorboards.
You might want to underlook the floorboards.

Until I don't, that node will definitely poke a node through my fleshtastic fantasy one day, endorphins can be used, have been, web two point oh fuck, let's keep going

drag, it's a drag, that's how we get things done, dragging it all over here til we're ready to set up shop, you want to buy anything? just wondering - not sure

have a half facility for languages, still some ashed instinct to play, but
see, emily is cliff slipping, so

slips are hip for a while, that's why they're hip, cause they shift

shake your glass, it's empty

do something with a cello




Jesus Saves?
My harddrive crashed

shake your hips, move your feet


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