4 Nov 2008

good karma didn't record

my friend dreamed i died from air bubbles

death is everywhere today
today is death, everywhere, dreamy
time for a change, they say
mandated, demanded by machinery

everyone told me i was a piano genius
then one day they told me it was a prank
what i thought were white keys were black keys
they took the blindfold off and i saw
what i’d known all along, sort of
that i'm a bullshit artist
but a pretty good one
pretty good at making
bullshit pretty

my parents look older, old, old, really old, i really looked, i
noticed, i'd never really looked at them since a certain day
they talk about the economy, their stake in the stock market
they want to gain back what they lost, then get out
"but what if it keeps going down and down and down?"

contra lost his drum and bass track, the file corrupted
he's nearly crying
everything's a sign

the sky is heavy atmosphere
gloom granted, grace, put a good face on it
i take them out to the hume to try and make things feel good
that place i just quit, don't recognize anyone there
there’s no menu meals, only buffet
it’s weird, that never happens
it’s cause of kitchen renos?

grandmother died, didn't get any good writing out of that
quit my job to become an artist, didn't get any good writing out of that
still writing, didn't get any good writing out of that
still a writer

wouldn't it be ironic if i died of a brain aneurysm while writing thi

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