1 Feb 2009

atomatic age

it's got a grip on you
it's got a grip on me
it's got a grip on them
but not on him
cause he's below it all
in the underground club
subterranean hipster
saving the world
by not trying to save it
you're raving the world
not rocking the world
they're running the world
with financial laxatives

she's trying to make a deal with the
dysfunctional missile-wielding towelheads
she's trying to find the one in charge
it's inter-continental craziness
latent potentate just claimed
an explosion in jakarta
they've gone ballistic! they're smoking space hash!
and she's trying really hard
even harder than she tried in college
intelligence quotient 130
just low enough to be a cabinet member
salary just high enough
to expect some stress
but a lot of stress, that would require another zero
so she hasn’t tried hard enough
to have made a deal yet, but she's trying
and her husband tape-recorded masterpiece theatre
on the cassette recorder, she's coming home
from the tour, today, to a VCR recording
it's a vice, it's got a grip on her

it's the atomatic age
and no, the nightmare isn't over
we're living history, can you feel the glib glory?
and i'm writing a book, it's a write-off

truman era technology hasn't been improved upon
except by edward tellar, who had a dream, he
had a dream, that the sons of former slave owners
would build a bigger mushroom cloud, a dream that was
coincidentally correct, but besides that, we’re where they were
when the chain reaction stopped, and the earth
didn't go up in flames fanning from los alamos
because that's all that matters, the chain reaction stopped
i've boiled it down to that essence, the axiom

it's a zen thing, he told me
you above grounders wouldn't understand

when hungry, eat
when tired, sleep
when angry, fire

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