14 Aug 2009


you got to stop melting
a little freeze would go aways
you got to stop melting
cause there's no one worth crying for anyways
and activism ain't no way to live - if you're gonna live
and i don't see you reaching for no gun

you got to stop melting
cause there ain't no one worth crying for
you might as well accept it
we're a bunch of shallow assholes
not as shallow as you, but
it doesn't make you deeper if you cry
you can melt till you're a puddle on the floor
you’ll still be shallow

you got to stop melting
cause that girl, she don't think of you no more
and the other girl don't even remember
and she's melting for another
there's a pool, she found one
deeper and warmer

you hear those moans, those pleasure groans?
it means there's nothing to be done
but to greet the dying sun
say hi

you better face it, we're fucked
me and you
and the wise men, and the fools
that's the only rule

i just can't see no world war three
that ain't how it's gonna be
just sweat and tears and puddles
and no one’s responsibility

some people are better
some people are worse
some people know it
some people are poets

somewhere there's a happy ending to a massage
the oldest and most honest profession, i profess

there she is on local radio
with her sweet sweet voice
a substitute if only i was real
i laugh at her hippie dippie ideas, deals, ideals
i laugh at them like i used to laugh at barney
when children's television was "stupid"
i laugh at her expressions
not heartily, but gently, shallowly
and use them to sleep
and feel oxytocin in my head

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