24 Apr 2011


break up homes, bury bones
it's all very meaningful - if only minimally symbolic

dream girl 227.290
so named because she appeared in a dream
at such a location, in the chronological succession
{with a linear time bias}
of demarcated cerebral forms and sawfigures and such

oh i forgot what i was gonna say
except it's so feelingful
if not meaningful:
a conjunction of images and gnosis
the tiny tip of the information iceberg trans-codable to this realm
sluice from the sunken colony
deep in the turquoise mines of my dreams

i'd say i'm blessed, but i don't know who blessed me
i don't know what blessed me, i think i'm still hallucinating
in alpha waves of cognitive superstition
i don't know what cursed me, i don't like the idea of a deity buddy
that's just not me, you know? and i know that's the point
don't wanna think about it, that thinkin thing

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