16 Feb 2012

a credible hectrizm

the longest dance craze ever
ended when Mr. Overbee fell on one knee
and proposed mortgage to society
and that's a tragedy, but hey everybody
it's me again, dressed up like achilles
silly mythology for all, accessible as trojans to university pussy fans

for old times' sake, disrupt a chronic wake
with an unseasonably zesty HECTRIZM
its an unreasonable chizm in a rational twirl
more indecent than orgasm, on the whole
its an irrational chazm in your bilateral chizm
and a spasmodic prism besides

the train's still available, to spin spain'll
if you'll ever want'll that plagelistic plain
just don't complain if you get searched for plagiarized bagels
some people get grabby with perceived intellectual property
even when it gets edible, at times like these

so do the hectrizm, it ain't that hard
you just twist twenty-two staggers to the right, or left, whichever is closest
and keep on twisting til your m=f/a
and then you shotput your body to escape the earth's velocity
that'll do it, then do it again!
it's a credible hectizm, i'd believe


hiccup said...

hectizm on the rhizim,like bongos shoot n mizzim, puntater and relater ain't got time for no haters. thinking of publishin the font. soon as i kick this laaaast
habit. i feel it, comin on. just need to find the songs to do it. i like yr new wallpaper.

Hector the Crow said...

font 3? i hope so, it's been a while - i'll spit some words at you, if that's what you mean... or maybe even songs ?