15 Nov 2006

rubbed out

high definition porn girl
with a fast frame-rate
the art of the slut

she’s got it down to a science
but it’s so real she
must be a real slut
like a real unicorn
like a real live cum-craving creature
and my god, it’s like she’s popping out of that
ten second sample clip with the end of a syringe
mainlining herself into each of my several billion dendrites
all quivering monkey lust

so real, it’s never been that real before
for the best orgasm I’ve had in months
and this clip is now my favourite
and I will rub it out because
porn is made for maximum mono-sensory thrill
reward system in the absence of biological satiation
shortcut, subverting the boreal chill

I’ll rub it out
and it’ll be my climax for the next several weeks
before my neurons need new
information I'll know when I see
but the high definition girl will have a good run
maybe a historic one, because she gave me an orgasm
so good I’m writing about it

I will use it up in a flash
a sliver of geological time, no fossil record
and then I will look on the era as past fetish
dusty crusty and I will appreciate it aesthetically
as the liquid architecture of love, hall of fame material
stimuli ineffective on empty circuitry
those neuro-patterns primed
for a specific pornographic pleasure
dead zone of overdosed braincells
abandoned for the next
fit of sexy

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