1 May 2008

hi mason

hi mason
stone mason
where aren’t you going?
why’re you just standing there
outside your baker street temple
like you’ve nothing better to do
top o’ the mason to you

hi mason
in your union jacket
where aren’t you going?
have you been smoking secret mason herbs?
are you a stoned mason?
are you high, mason?

hi mason
are you free, or just a chained mason?
are you working for the columbia basin?
would you give our hydro electric power to the americans?
the only power we have, i hasten to add
or are you just bullshitting
is your life that boring?

can you make us disappear
with your hydro electric power?
could you cut us down to size
with your cocaine connections?
would you do it if you could
like a good mason should?

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