15 Jan 2013

the people need to lead

voting isn't enough, obviously - politicians won't "lead" people that expect to continue living the growth-fetish lifestyle that will probably make life harsh if not unlivable in future decades - the people need to lead by opting out of that lifestyle - people aren't gonna vote in government that forces them to change, government isn't gonna force people that elect them to change

lifestyle change... that's scary, but not as scary as the predictions of climate science and the hubbert curve - and the word lifestyle makes me nauseous but not as nauseous as the fetish of growth - i've got those tumours in me, though, obviously

there's a dark relief in cutting to the chase, intellectually, but i don't at all claim to have gotten anywhere near there emotionally, the proof being my ability to write something like this, still largely detached, but not enough to not write anything

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