3 Feb 2013


What would you call a certain kind of opposite to "pro-active", where you're "active" alright, but not to any positive end? Or maybe you actually are doing something positive, but you think you're just fucking shit up for the sake of rage and chaos and the urge to see certain obnoxious orders crumble. I got nothing against order, mind you. I ain't no disestablishmentarian. Just certain orders that have gone on too long, on the might of inertia and apathy.

It gets a lot less fun when it gets political. Not that it's ever that fun, this blog... except for me, sometimes. Today's a fun day, my lucky bun day, you know what I mean?

Yesterday was a queasy sostenuto, getting into political arguments with friends of friends on facebook, who, when, where, why, what the hell? it feels strange, a flangy field of candidates, the president's weird, she's got a burgundy beard, it's a rip-off! oh, such a ripoff. "it's so easy to complain, isn't it?" says this guy, so facile and smug, dunno who he is, somehow connected to my dad

what i won't say to him, cause i don't want to get into my psychological issues on a family member's facebook thread, is that it's actually not so easy for me to complain - on my blog, sure, but even then, political complaints are not a swamp i wade into lightly - cause i hate conflict, and i'm painfully unsure of myself, and still thrice-bitten three-billion times shy from old flame wars, and i had that nasty feeling in my gut all day being suddenly involved in two separate fights online after so long out of the fray - for me, it's easiest not to complain but ignore issues and just hope things'll be alright somehow, and surely the smart people have everything taken care of, and the steady stream of digital entertainment and cheap petroleum that enables all soul-corroding excess on a mass scale will continue forever and ever and ever, amen - and distract myself, tesseract myself out of the looming ecological realities

i got a strong urge in me to go that route, and it cramps my style being all political, and smacking of ideology, which is so icky and unstylish and shrill, oh my god, how shrill it is, to voice opinions on things outside the cultural and artistic realms - but i'm increasingly compelled to, even though i haven't had time to study up on everything yet - information has trickled into my head nonetheless, about states of affairs that i don't feel obliged to just accept, because there are, supposedly, no alternatives, and i can't understand the bigger picture anyway

Some people twist themselves into pretzels trying to think of the 5.8 million canadians who voted Harper in as a majority. But I guess the important thing is that they know what's best for Canada, better than the majority that didn't vote for the cons, or didn't vote at all because the system is so screwed up.

and anyway, fuck what's "best for canada", how bout what's best for the world that we have more than our share of effect on and influence over, given the hugely disproportionate amount of carbon we burn and suck out of the ground and burn and suck and spew back into the heat trap again... Ah the hubris of these tenants of the scotia building. The canadian association of petroleum "producers" - they think they produce it, not the earth over hundreds of millions of years.

Aah, Canada. Born on home plate and thinks it hit a grand slam. How could you possibly fuck up an economy with this few people in that much land / natural resources, all while enjoying the military protection of the armed to the teeth psycho nation next door?

The four 'H's of being a dumb canadian: Harper, Hockey, Tim Hortons, and don't tHink too much about anything.

Sorry, i know its unpleasant, the scowl. Honestly, i have a hard time with people. There's some persons I like, but if I liked people, I'd work at Tim Hortons... To quickly cure that delusion.

Virgos need not apply. Don't wanna meet your eye cause it's not a neutral location. A good deed never goes unpunished. So many extra miles to go... Go fish... Gone fishin'


chels said...

Shrill is a good word for it, that's how it feels for me, which is why I've left the philosophizing and political postures off of facebook... or left most of everything off of facebook. But this was a good read. I read it all the way to the end. Been thinking of you, and hope you're well. Email coming today, if I can sneak it in between chores at work.

Hector the Crow said...

At one point my Facebook profile said "post-spiritual" under religious views and "ill-informed" under political views. Ah, views. Facebook is not so much the place for that. More for mind-numbingly mundane status updates and newsfeed spam.