28 Jan 2013

hail satan

and fuck servicemaster

it's just, it seems it's been so long since i hailed satan - thought he might appreciate a call

and servicemaster, i don't think i've ever called them out - i've been patient, and complacent - biding time, wasting time - feeling a lot more fortunate than i was - now the reality is catching up that i'm being treated like a dumb servant, paid chump change, and considered untrustworthy scum

thing is, i dunno if i CAN do better, but i can do better than to clean the boxcars of the leanest gravy train in town, even if that means being an immobile hobo, hell yeah - satan knows what i'm talking about - servicemaster knows nothing, not even their customers - it's depressing working there, and for them - don't gotalotta metaphors, just saying stuff straight out, cause i feel like it


a few strategies for comfort within a shit job now shot to shit, i don't even have them anymore cause they're cracking down on the extra minutes employees spend doing nothing when there's nothing to do - if i've got time to lean, i've got time to read a fucking book, there's only so many ways i can figure out to sift through a matrix of dust - you fucking idiots, claim-jumping my time after i've gone well beyond due diligence, which you don't even know - you think because i'm here i'm stupid, and barely human, and i might as well be one of the immigrants you condescend to - you're clueless that they see through your bullshit just as well as i do, perhaps better

but let's not stay negative - let's hail satan - he always brings me back up - he'll whisk me out of here, when the time is right - he'll pull some strings, i'll feel like a marionette, it'll be hilarious

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